Web Apps

This is a growing (slowly at the moment but growing) collection of web apps that I found useful enough to build and I hope others can find them useful as well. Please drop me a line and tell me what you think.

The First One!

Voicemail Transmogrifier - Currently we have support for AT&T Call Vantage and Vonage. The transmogrifier will take the ulaw compressed wave file sent by the voicemail system and convert it to a standard PCM WAVE file. once the file is converted you can listen to it on any device with any player. To make this work you have the voicemail emails sent to the transmogrifier and it will convert the audio file and send it to you as a standard WAV file or one of several compressed formats. At the moment we currently support ogg in addition to wav.

We are looking to expand the VMT to support other providers as well. If you have service from an other provider that emails out none standard wave files feel free to contact us so that we can add support for it.

Still Cooking

Gift Giving Randomizer - Do you want a easier way to decide who gives who a present than getting everyone in the same place and passing the hat with names in it? Well the app got pushed to the back by the transmogrifier but we plan on having it working by Christmas.